Side effects of penis extenders

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Side effects of penis extenders

After the penis extention and thickening surgery, patients can continue their daily lives, nobody will understand that you have undergone surgery. There is no scar after penis enlargement surgery. In penis enlargement surgery, there is a seam line between the penis and the bags, but since there is an area that heals very well in this area, there is no scar, it is not clear. Nobody will know that you have had surgery.

Pain after penis surgery occurs only in the abdomen or butt area where fats are removed. There is no pain on the penis in the early period. Since the penis is a place where it can grow too much, a dressing is applied on the penis to prevent swelling and erection. This bandage will be opened after 4-5 days. This dressing is not obvious from the pants, nobody will understand. After about 15 days, the penis becomes the most swollen and stretched. After this period, a decrease in swelling, softening and normalization of the penis extender begin. After 1 month, the penis becomes fully recovered. After 6 months, the final and final result is reached.

Patients should stay away from sexual intercourse for up to 4 weeks after the operation.

What are the complications and problems that may occur after penis enlargement enlargement surgery?
There is absolutely no loss of erection or sensation in the technique I apply. However, as in all surgeries, this surgery may have its own problems. Although very rare, the infection is seen 1 week after the operation and redness in the penis manifests itself with pain. Antibiotics and sometimes drainage may be required.

Bruising and swelling may occur in the area where the oils are taken.

Sometimes excess fat may melt in the early period and cause oil discharge. In this case, a light olive oil-colored discharge occurs and ends automatically in 1 week on average.

Clumping of fat (patients describe it as calcification) may occur after fat injection into the penis, although rare. If this clumping does not disappear by itself within 6 months, the clumping formed simply can be removed.

Surgeries for Penis Curvature
Penile curvatures can occur congenitally, or later as a result of incorrect circumcision, a previous trauma or surgery. When the penis is erect, it should normally be in a straight penis extender, but bent to one side. The curvature of the penis in the erect position and the diagnosis are made clearly. The current problem can be corrected with penile curvature surgeries. Penile curvatures can be forward, backward or sideways. Patients may experience difficulties and pain during sexual intercourse.

In the operation, plication is made on the opposite side of the penis where the curvature is made by entering through the circumcision incision. In this way, the orientation of the penis is corrected. Whether the surgery is successful or not should be observed during the operation by providing artificial erection. If there is no excessive curvature, a shortening of the penis size does not occur. Patients with excessive curvatures may experience a slight shortening after surgery.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment with Temporary Fillers on the Penis
There are many reasons for premature ejaculation in men. These are psychological reasons, incompatibility between spouses, hypersensitivity of the head of the penis.

There are a number of medical treatments to prevent premature ejaculation. The most practical one among these is the process of very light desensitization of the glans penis by applying temporary filling (per penis). This procedure will not change your normal feelings, it is just enough to correct and reduce premature ejaculation due to hypersensitivity.

Filling on the head of the penis to prevent premature ejaculation is performed under local anesthesia and cream and is a very easy procedure. In the application of premature ejaculation treatment, filler is given to the head of the penis, this filling also causes some enlargement of the penis head. The permanence of the given penis extender and the process is 1 year. After the first application, there will be swelling on the head of the penis for a few days, except that the patient will be able to continue his normal life completely. After 1 week, it will become fully efficient. After 1 year, when the effect of the filling ends, it will be completely restored.

Frequently Asked Questions for Penis Extention Enlargement Surgery
After the penis extention surgery, a maximum lengthening of 2-3 cm is provided, the figures above this are not realistic. Since the surgery performed is combined with penis thickening, the thickness of the penis will increase significantly. There is no limit to this. Therefore, both the increase in thickness and the change in length will cause the penis to appear larger and larger. If the penis thickening surgery is repeated, the penis will become thicker and larger again. Therefore, while there is a certain limit in length, there is no limit in transverse growth.


As a famous Urologist stated earlier, “There is no man who would not like a bigger penis”. But the first and most important fact about penis enlargement is to forget what you have seen in photos, movies or on the internet.

In an international study, researchers found that both men and women overestimated the average length of the male penis. Previous studies have revealed that the average penis length is just over 12.7 cm and its diameter is 3.81 cm. Of course, changes can be seen in these values ​​according to the geography and ethnic origin.

Findings from a study involving 367 military personnel, all male and over 40, found that those who were satisfied with the appearance of their genital organs had lower levels of sexual anxiety and better sexual function.

In a publication published in the Journal of Urology, one of the most respected journals of urology, the authors stated that about 20% of 92 patients who presented with a short penis complaint “overestimated normal penis size. More importantly, none of these patients actually had short penises.”

In fact, there is insufficient confirmatory information available for all male penis enhancement products on the market and warnings have been issued against them. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that dietary supplements can be harmful due to their undisclosed content. Scientifically, these supplements and extensions do not enlarge the arms penis. Ultimately, the penis consists of a pair of corpus cavernosum and a single genetically determined corpus spongiosum. Even surgical augmentation fails. While it is a process for penis enlargement that involves cutting the suspensory ligament at the root of the penis, it is simply an illusionary maneuver. In other words, it does not actually lengthen the penis, but gives a feeling of elongation. More importantly, according to a study conducted at the University of Torino in Italy, it was stated that surgical treatments on this subject are characterized by “high complication rate and risk of adverse outcomes”.

However, there is a promising method according to the same Italian research. The authors noted that when tested, the traction method resulted in penis enlargement. As the name suggests, the method of traction involves placing an externally worn device on the penis and then stretching it every day. One study on this topic reported that participants who used the method every day for four to six hours in four months recorded an average growth of 1.78 cm. In another study, 2.2 cm growth was obtained with similar treatment lasting about six months.

As Urologist Danoff, an expert on these issues, “It is men, not women who are jealous of penises” Danoff said that women generally do not complain about the penis size of their sexual partners, and even women instead ask him if their partner’s existing penis “can fit into a sweeter and more pleasant man.”

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